PVC and Paper Wallpapers


Sungji supplies a variety of PVC and paper wallpapers to all over the world. It is famous for supplying a big amount of wallpapers which are of good quality but cheap price.


  • PVC Wallpaper

    PVC Wallpaper




There are basically two types of wallpapers. One is PVC wallpapers. It is a PVC coated wallpaper. It is paper back vinyl wallpapers. So, it is water-proof and moisture-proof. It is used usually in Korea. The other is Paper Wallpaper. It is usable enough for house, commercial. It is cheaper than PVC wallpaper.

A Variety of Designs

Even if there are almost 100 designs, below are several samples.

PVC Wall Paper


PVC and Paper Wallpaper


PVC Wallpaper








Special Features

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