Buying Materials for Recyling

Sungji imports and exports materials for recycling, recycled material, deco films, pvc sheets, other recycled plastics products in global markets.

  • Pvc Material

    PVC material

    Sungji Co., Ltd. has bought a lot of PVC material for many years. The company has imported a lot of PVC material. Especially, the range of buying products is from ...

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  • Other Plastic Material

    Other plastic material

    Sungji Co., Ltd. has imported various plastic material such as PC/ABS, PE, PP, and so on. The company has imported plastic material of resin to in bales. Sometimes it ...

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  • Related Products

    Related products

    Related products are also dealt with Sungji Co., Ltd. Sungji has done several business areas in plastic industry for many years. So, it has many buyers for related products. The ...

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  • Paper For Recycling

    Paper for recycling

    Sungji Co., Ltd. has dealt with paper for recycling. The company has bought recyclable papers for various purposes. We have a lot of buyers to sell recyclable papers inside and ...

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  • Various Plastic Pellets Or Regrinds

    Various Plastic Pellets or Regrinds

    Various plastic pellets or regrinds are dealt with by the company. Even if the company has produced recycled plastic material, it has dealt with recycled plastic material from other countries ...

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