CEO Greeting

Moon Jong Gyeong Representative DirectorHello!

SUNGJI prioritizes the welfare of the environment and maintains the harmony between humans and nature.

In the 21st century, we have witnessed massive development and many companies have achieved substantial growth to be able to compete in the world market. However, behind such developments is an inevitable increase in the amount of industrial by-products. Worse, such by-products have also become more diverse in types and complicated. As a result, the stable and proper processing and recycling of industrial waste have emerged as a new task of our economy.

Sungji was established with recognizing the role of protecting environment. With skilled personnel and advanced equipment, as well as extensive field experience, the company provides a comprehensive waste management service that includes a collection of various industrial wastes from the first discharge stage, transportation, interim treatment, and recycling.

Additionally, our service complies with the government's environmental policies and is based on customer satisfaction. As one of the best business waste management companies, the company makes best effort to provide our customers with safe and convenient waste management services.

I would like to sincerely express my appreciation for your encouragement and support. We promise to continue doing our best to preserve the environment for a more beautiful world, so that our family and descendants may live in a brighter and cleaner environment...

Thank you