Export products include recycled plastics such as PVC paste resin, PVC flooring scraps, etc.

  • Pvc Flooring Scraps - Sungji Co., Ltd.

    PVC flooring scraps

    PVC flooring scraps which are recycled from PVC flooring tiles are used for various purposes. The recycled material is used for PVC floor work again. Also, it is usable for ...

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  • Pvc Paste Resin - Sungji Co., Ltd.

    PVC Paste Resin

    PVC paste resin is one of recycled PVC material with a cheap price. So, a buyer can use it to make several products such as plastic shoes, flooring covers, deco ...

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  • Paper Powder In Bales - Sungji Co., Ltd.

    Paper Powder in Bales

    Paper Powder Recylcable in Construction or Wooden Furniture with the most reasonable price and quality supplied by Sungi Co., Ltd. It is paper powder separated from wallpaper. It is used ...

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